The roof is an asset: it protects all of the property within a home or business. Like an automobile, a roof demands regular maintenance and protection.

A roof receives more punishment than any other part of the structure. On a daily basis, a roof is subjected to ultraviolet light, high heat, extreme cold, rain or wind. It may also be damaged by leaves, dirt, moss, and other debris that literally can rot a roof. The “out of sight, out of mind” concept is flawed.

Roofs do not fail all at once. It is a process that may take some time to become evident. Most roof hazards do not typically result in an immediate interior leak. Remember, the insulation in the attic must soak up a large quantity of water before a ceiling leak will appear.

Roof repair and maintenance work can prolong the life of a roof and prevent possible roof problems from becoming expensive re-roofing events.

We specialize in the repair and maintenance of the following types of roofs:

We also repair leaks emanating from wood siding, windows, HVAC systems and other sources.

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