Why Hire a Roof Consultant?

Setness Roof Inspection consultants can help you get the most out of your existing roof or the best quality and value in a new roof. See more information about how we can be valuable to your roofing project.

Consulting Services

Setness Roof Inspection specializes in the following consulting services:

Roof Inspection Reports: We provide a detailed written account of all existing roof conditions and problems with a detailed discussion of the implications of all observations. Photographs of these roof conditions and problem areas are included in the roof inspection report. Presentations of alternatives are available for roof repairs, replacements and/or modifications.

Quality Assurance Inspection: Full time or part time quality assurance inspection is recommended during the duration of the constuction project. This will allow Setness Roof Inspection to monitor the installation of the new roof system for strict compliance with the contract and documents and approved change orders.

Specification Writing: Due to the lack of strict industry standards in roofing, the written specifications for a project are very important. Setness Roof Inspection can provide guidelines and requirements for contractors that assure the best quality roofing systems and workmanship at the most reasonable prices.

The comprehensive specifications typically include the following:

Roof Project Management: Assistance in the review of bids received from contractors along with compilation and execution of contract documents. Conduct pre-construction meetings with the contractor and review shop drawings, submittals, and change orders. Review of permits and licensing, insurance coverage and bonding.

installing flat roof rooftop piping damage tiles stacked on rooftop crew on flat roof